Is Lack of Confidence Keeping You From SUCCESS: Achieving Your Goals?
If Yes, Then You Need to

      • Discover What Unconscious Limiting Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings are Holding You Back

      • Transform Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Coach

      • Strengthen Your Interpersonal Communication Skills to Remove Obstacles

      • Confidently Accomplish Your Goals

      • Enjoy Your Success and Freedom

Success and Confidence Go Hand in Hand.
When you’re confident, you succeed.
When you succeed, you gain greater confidence.

You CAN Succeed. You CAN Achieve Your Dreams When You Have the Confidence and Interpersonal Communication Skills to Do It.

Doreen was a real estate agent who came to me because she couldn’t close the sale, even in a good housing market. She could manage to greet prospective buyers pleasantly but grew anxious when it came time for her to ask prospect  to make a decision. She suddenly became tongue-tied and stammered which made her anxiety worse. She began to sweat, hunker over so no one would see the wet stains under her arms, and avert her eyes so she wouldn’t make eye contact.

She felt afraid. She felt she didn’t have the right to ask for their business. She worried she lacked the important social communication skills to do what was necessary. Her clients didn’t know how to interpret this uncomfortable behavior and backed off. And she was so concerned about how she appeared, she couldn’t accurately read what their responses to her meant. As a result, she lost sales, commissions, and what little self-confidence she had. She was sure she would become a “bag lady.”

Like some 90% of people in sales, she suffered from sales reluctance, a form of anxiety associated with low self-confidence. Her reluctance was toxic, significantly interfering with her ability to perform.

However, in four months she discovered not only why she sabotaged herself—her father told her it was un-lady-like to assert herself—but also how to confidently interact with others. She learned how to present information, handle questions, connect emotionally with her clients, and make prospects into buyers who would gratefully sign on her properties. She begin to rake in the thousands in commissions she never thought she’d see.

She had become confident, succeeding in achieving her goals, and became even more confident in her abilities as she continued to achieve whatever she wanted. She discovered how to make her life more rewarding.

Like Doreen, you can …

  • Overcome your unconscious resistance to achieving success
  • Replace limiting thoughts and beliefs with unlimited thoughts and beliefs to decide, plan, and achieve comfortably
  • Deep-six fear to skyrocket your confidence to meet any challenge
  • Optimize your interpersonal communications skills to effect positive responses from others
  • Build on your existing strengths to alleviate presentation and promotion reluctance
  • Stay motivated to forge profitable and productive habits and relationships
  • Dare to achieve what you really desire: Confidence and Success!

Imagine … How Satisfying That Could Be To Confidently and Competently Live Your Dreams


Ask Yourself: “Are you sick and tired of …

      • Letting relationships slip through your fingers because of unconscious resistances acting as obstacles to seeing what your relationships needed to make them work?
      • Watching projects, promotions, and jobs go to others because you are uncomfortable asserting yourself, presenting and promoting yourself, speaking out, selling, or making small talk when you need to?

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Imagine How Great It Would Be For You To Have …

      • An expert to answer all your confidence, social effectiveness, social anxiety, and goal achievement success questions
      • An advisor to help you brainstorm workplace presentations, planning activities, promotion of ideas and solutions, relationship obstacles, and give you useful feedback

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How to Speak Without Fear Small Talk – Helping you to become more socially confident, comfortable, and effective in your personal and work communications (196-page, 10-module, guided, systematic course on Kindle)

How to Reduce Your Anxiety Through Nutrition – 50-minute downloadable MP3 AND 27-page transcript of Dr. Signe’s Interview of Dr. Lipski.

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How Insiders Get Jobs:  A 6-Mini-Course Series
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Research for the Job - Why Do I Have to Research the Job Market?
Résumés – Create Your Résumé But Don’t Send It Out?
Interviews – You’ve Gotten the Interview: Now What?!
Job-Screen Testing - You Want to Test My “What?”
Deciding on the Offer -  You’ve Gotten the Job Offer, What Next?.


If You Have Ever Felt “Unacceptable” … Because of Bullying, you’ll love how Dr. Signe discovers her hidden negative beliefs and learns over the years to start to kick butt big time from her inner voice and role model Katharine Hepburn as she ultimately achieves acceptability … and does it her own way. This is an entertaining autobiographical roller-coaster novel of the self-empowerment and compassionate recovery of Dr. Signe. Emotionally abandoned at age seven when she was told she wasn’t wanted, it is how she used Katharine Hepburn as her role model to ultimately achieve her own acceptability and success.
“Growing Up ‘Unacceptable’ – How Katharine Hepburn Rescued Me”


If You Have Ever Attracted or Dated the “Wrong Men” … Maybe they were clingy, manipulative, disrespectful, angry, insecure, or worse. You know how frustrating, irritating, and sometimes scary it can be. This is especially true if you have ever felt less assertive and socially effective in those situations than you’d have liked. Dr. Signe’s new autobiographical book follows her 15-year journey with that problem through a series of personal stories of some of her outrageous, humorous, frustrating, and even dangerous interactions with the “wrong men.” It’s a funny, frightening, and enlightening rollercoaster ride.
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Social Anxiety-Social Effectiveness Questionnaire gives you more awareness of the limiting behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and resistances you need to address and eliminate in social situations in order to gain confidence that you can control those kinds of activities anywhere.

Social Effectiveness Blog provides a wealth of information bi-weekly to assist you with helping you to maximize your confidence and motivation to overcome the roadblocks to your social effectiveness goal achievement.

When Your Success Demands Confidence and Social Competence,
Dr. Signe Can Help You Overcome Your Obstacles!


For those of you who want to work on alleviating anxiety in social situations and creating confidence and social effectiveness  on your own, you can benefit significantly from my latest social anxiety book. ( FIRST EDITION: A “5-Star Amazon Rating,” as one of the top ten best-selling anxiety books, with 170+ Reader Reviews!!. Endorsed by some of the most respected clinical researchers in the field.
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  • Alleviate speaking anxiety in all business and social situations
  • Express yourself confidently in ALL you do
  • Present and promote yourself with the positive image you want others to see and respond to
  • Succeed by confidently achieving your dreams.

As Christopher Robin said to Winnie the Pooh (A.A.Milne): “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” Develop more confident interpersonal communication skills and reap the personal and business benefits.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” (variously attributed to WH Murray and Johannes Goethe)


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