Signe Dayhoff, M.Ed., M.A., Ph.D., is a Social Psychologist, cognitive-behaviorist, coach, author, and an authority on “transforming self-presentation and goal achievement anxiety into confidence, motivation, goal achievement, and social effectiveness.” Her books, listed below, can show you how to eliminate limiting attitudes, beliefs, and feelings, alleviate social anxiety and fear of interpersonal communication, and achieve empowerment. Her goal is to help you skyrocket conversational confidence, master essential self-presentation skills, overcome goal achievement obstacles, and explode personal and business opportunities.

Diagonally-Parked in a Parallel Universe: Working Through Social Anxiety
Diagonally-Parked in a Parallel Universe:
Working Through Social Anxiety

(1ST EDITION: A “4.8-Star Rating” on with 170 Reader Reviews)

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from terrible social fears? Is just being around other people, being observed, or having to talk to them a torment? Do you wonder if things must always be this way … do you have to suffer, hopelessly, unnecessarily alone?

Then this breakthrough book comes just in time. It is written by a psychologist who is intimately acquainted with social anxiety, having struggled with it for years before discovering and applying the full range of techniques presented in this comprehensive book … and recovering. Not merely a book, it is a plan of empowerment to enable you to take your life back.

  • Alleviate your social anxiety and replace fear with empowerment
  • Improve your daily functioning
  • Reduce your fear of evaluation, negative thinking, anger, and embarrassment
  • Raise your self-confidence and effectiveness personally and professionally
  • Say good-bye to loneliness, make friends, and date more comfortably
  • Create job, promotion, and business relationships and opportunities for yourself
  • Find therapists, prescription drug assistance, alternative treatments.

The book is 408 pages, jam-packed with techniques, key strategies, exercises, action tips, information, and resources. Written with humor and empathetic guidance, this book delivers the message of recovery.

Diagonally-Parked in a Parallel Universe (Paperback and Kindle)


Scared Of Your Boss? Smash Through Your Fear Now!Scared Of Your Boss? Smash Through Your Fear Now!

18-20 million American workers are paralyzed by the belief that they are working for a boss who could easily kill their jobs, careers, and life!

If you feel intimidated by your boss or suffer from the fear of authority figures, you likely feel anxious, depressed, unassertive, and one-down. You likely don’t contribute ideas or promote yourself at work. Your productivity tends to go down because you are focusing on your anxiety. You anxiously worry that standing out from the crowd will put you at risk of being negatively evaluated which could mean rejection. You prefer invisibility and anonymity.

To counter and replace the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, the book helps you

  • Assess your positive work-related attributes
  • Examine your role and boss’s role in the workplace
  • Examine where “authority” comes from and what it really means
  • Evaluate your physical, cognitive, behavioral response to your boss
  • Create ways to change negative response habits to positive response habits
  • Discover ways to confidently speak to and interact with authority figures

This is a thoroughly tested and proven method to help you turn fear, negative thinking, avoidance, and self-presentation anxiety into confident, competent conversations through strategies for analyzing past and present events and tactics for erasing fear. Loaded with techniques, tips, scripts, and templates, this is a step-by-baby-step method to help you experience your workplace with confidence and competence.

Scared Of Your Boss? Smash Through Your Fear Now! (Kindle)


How to Reduce Your Anxiety Through NutritionHow to Reduce Your Anxiety Through Nutrition

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce your anxiety without prescriptions? If you’re like most people who suffer from anxiety, you’d probably prefer not to take medications because they can be expensive, take 4-6 weeks to start to work, have unpleasant side effects, like lowered libido and weight gain, feel like a crutch, and be hard to get off.

Dr. Elizabeth Lipski, Ph.D., Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), has the answer. Nutrition! Author of numerous books and an internationally-acknowledged expert in her field, she tells you, for example,

  • How anxiety contributes to physical problems
  • What vitamins are essential to reduce stress
  • What foods and supplements help you fall sleep faster and sleep more restfully
  • What foods should you avoid
  • How caffeine affects your feeling anxious
  • What effects blood sugar can have on your mood and thinking
  • How Vitamin-B complex vitamins can affect your energy level and mood
  • What herbs you may not even know about have been clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression..

This is a 27-page transcript on Kindle of Dr. Signe’s Interview of Dr. Lipski (pending).

How to Reduce Your Anxiety Through Nutrition


Promote Myself? I'd Rather Eats Worms! 21 Simple Steps to Confidently Tooting Your Own Horn to Achieve Your Career and Life GoalsPromote Myself? I’d Rather Eats Worms!
21 Simple Steps to Confidently Tooting Your Own Horn to Achieve Your Career and Life Goals

  • Are you uncomfortable presenting yourself to others?
  • Do you watch relationships and business go to others because you just can’t toot your own horn?

If you answered “YES,” you are not alone. What many—if not most—people don’t realize is that achieving important goals requires your promoting yourself successfully.

This 188-page course shows you systematically, step-by-step, in detail, through exercises and guidance, how you can create opportunities for yourself as well as present and promote yourself comfortably, confidently, with dignity in your business, career and personal life.

You’ll learn how to

  • Know your strengths, abilities, talents, experience
  •  Know your goals
  • Create a detailed plan to achieve those goals
  • Know what resources you need to achieve them
  • Determine from whom you are most likely to get them
  • Make connections of those most likely to be of help
  • Achieve your goals.

Promote Myself? (Kindle)


What No One Has Told You: How Insiders Really Get Jobs

(coming soon in Kindle and Print)
If the job you want is hard to find and you are making do with whatever … now is a great time to prepare yourself for when things are better.

While knowing generally what you want and finding something that seems to match it is necessary, it is not sufficient. You need to determine, understand, and consider so much more before your write to a company’s personnel department, make an application online at, talk to a decision maker, or set foot in an employment agency or headhunter’s office to explore job-opening opportunities.

In six comprehensive chapters, this book takes you systematically, step-by-step, through the entire job-getting process from a success-engineering perspective. It shows you how to discover the many less-obvious personal, job- and company-related factors that can come into play as you look for a position, how to research and match what you have and want against each job opening and company, effectively presentment and promote yourself before, during, and after the interview, and how to decide if the job offer and all that entails offer is what you truly desire.

You will learn through exercises, guidelines, tips, examples, and abundant resources precisely what works and why and how to apply it to yourself. This book is designed to give you the greatest amount of control in this important evaluation process—control over what you want and how your wants match what you have and what’s available.


Growing Up ‘Unacceptable’: How Katharine Hepburn Rescued MeGrowing Up ‘Unacceptable’:
How Katharine Hepburn Rescued Me

Not all bullies are children who cruelly attack, intimidate, and reject other children.  Most bullies are emotionally-abusing adults who frequently lurk in the child’s home! Imagine you are a 7-year-old who believes you’re loved. But then you’re rejected, told you’re “unacceptable,” and blamed, belittled, criticized, and emotionally-abandoned by the one person you want most in the world to treasure you: your father.

The consequences of this problem can be serious and long-term, leaving deep scars. Children and adults alike may experience social anxiety, depression, anger, and lack of assertiveness, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Bullying hinders their ability to trust and form happy relationships. They may not even know why this is.

In this autobiographical novel, I spend the next 20 years digging my way out of my deep pit of rejection and self-criticism with the help of my inner voice, my role model, Katharine Hepburn. Conquering rejection, I ultimately forge a compassionate recovery, empowering myself with kick-butt possibilities.

Growing Up ‘Unacceptable’ (Paperback and Kindle)


Attracting and Dating the Wrong Men? Tips and Insights to Free YourselfAttracting and Dating the Wrong Men? Tips and Insights to Free Yourself

Most women who didn’t marry in high school or go directly into a religious order afterward have experienced attracting or dating at least one “wrong” man. The reason he was “wrong” is less important than how you responded to the situation. If you had any difficulty with:

  • Being socially anxious about what you should do or not do
  • Asserting yourself to be treated with respect or
  • Being empowered to escape the relationship if you wanted to,

This autobiographical novel is a series of personal short stories detailing my 15-year journey from doing everything wrong to doing things right and confidently dating those I wanted to date. It’s an outrageous, lively, humorous, and sometimes scary journey, that gives you relevant tips and insights on how you can alleviate the “wrong men” problem.

Attracting and Dating the Wrong Men?  (Paperback and Kindle)


How to Speak Without Fear Small Talk CourseHow to Speak Without Fear Small Talk Course

As has been demonstrated repeatedly, fear of speaking in front of others is Americans’ #1 fear. Fear of speaking publicly is so strong that it leaves fear of death well behind it in seventh place. Now, that is saying quite a bit about its significance. Jerry Seinfeld once quipped, “At a funeral most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy.” As you know, this applies to making conversations as well.

The speaking situation can be formal … giving a speech or report to a group or individual … or informal … meeting new people, networking, and making small talk.

This 10-module, 196-page systematic, guided course provides you with outlines, exercises, examples, scripts, templates, techniques, strategies, and tools. As a result, you can

  • Minimize your physical symptoms
  • Eliminate your fearful thoughts, erroneous beliefs, and negative expectations
  • Create your conversational confidence
  • Master self-presentation skills and situations quickly and easily
  • Increase your control over the situation
  • Skyrocket your personal, business, and promotion opportunities.

How to Speak Without Fear  (Kindle)


What Faust the Dancing Cat Taught MeWhat Faust the Dancing Cat Taught Me

I had no idea what adventures were in store for me when a skeletal, moth-eaten-looking gray cat with vampire teeth oozed out from under my car in the dark library parking lot, rubbed my ankle, and looked deep into my soul with glowing amber eyes. I was trapped, commanded to adopt him.

From that moment he became my alter-ego—and, sometimes, my “evil twin.” We were inseparable and everywhere we went, his personality drew an astonished audience. But it was his fancy footwork that made him a photo magnet. “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille.”

The result is a roller coaster ride of fun, wild-and-woolly escapades with a twinkle-toes cat who acted as if he were Gene Kelly and Lassie combined in a cat suit.

What Faust the Dancing Cat Taught Me  (Paperback and Kindle)